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GETTING THE RIGHT PRODUCT - The following guidelines should help you to achieve this.

a) The quickest and easiest way is to look for identification on the item you are wanting to replace, noting the make and model number of the product it fits.

b) If you still have the manual which came with the item, this usually tells you what supplies are suitable, and will be helpful in identifying the part required.

c) If you cannot find what you are looking for, e-mail an enquiry form including as much information as possible.

d) As the number of printers, fax machines, word processors, typewriters etc are phenominal, there may be models not listed under all the headings you may expect.

e) If you are sure that information has been omitted from a catagory, please e-mail us and we will ensure that an amendment is done on our next update. **

While every attempt is made to ensure that the details are correct, all information gained is given by Manufacturers and Suppliers, and is given only as a guide

f) If for some reason the item is not what is required - please see RETURN OF GOODS


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